For every manuscript there is the right editor.

I work with memoir. If you’ve been writing memoir and want any kind of support in completing your manuscript please consider working with me.

I am known for my conscientious care with every manuscript. I will make sure that you get the last word! The most important thing is that your unique voice, style and story are preserved, and that you are thrilled by the finished product.

If I am unfamiliar with your writing, I will ask for a 30-minute consultation and a sample to review. This is done at no charge.

If I believe that I can be of help, we will create a plan for moving forward, a plan that works well for both of us.

Every writer and every manuscript-in-the-making has different needs. Perhaps you have many pieces, but cannot see how to bring them together. Perhaps you have questions about what approach to take as you review your work. Perhaps you have completed the manuscript and would like another’s perspective.

There are many ways in which I can support your writing.

To find out more, contact me at