Authentic Writing approaches writing as art.

handAll true art is first person ~ a recreation of the artist and the artist’s world. Art can take any form, but it must be a sincere effort to reveal the artist and the artist’s world.

Great art does not seek to copy or please.

Authentic Writing directs writers to return to their most essential, personal material – the content of their actual lives – and to render those stories not in pious ephemeral terms, but in tough, concrete ones.

This is no place for platitudes.

In every workshop the participants actually write – they don’t talk about it, they don’t take notes about it, nobody theorizes about it. We write.

Authentic Writing maintains that writing – like all art – is an alive intuitive process not strangled by thinking.

The best writing emerges when allowed to take its own course, without imposed plans, expectations or – worst of all – forced resolutions.

The Authentic Writing workshops place no value on standard academic criticism and make a point of not making didactic suggestions to the writer about what to do next. Nothing could be more detrimental to the organic, life-giving process of writing.

The results of such an approach are immediate: a distinct and powerful writer’s voice, a release from any form of Writer’s Block and the creation of vivid, artful writing.