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The Aqua Mustang: Detours into My Past
A Memoir by Fred Poole
Published 2015

After years as a self-styled world adventurer, journalist, pleasure-seeker and author, Fred Poole found it a matter of life or death that he confront his past. Not just times spent in foreign war zones but a journey into earlier and more profound danger in the deceptively WASPy world he came from. The Aqua Mustang is his story of this precarious if rewarding adventure.

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Authentic Writing
A Memoir On Creating Memoir by Fred Poole
Published 2008

Poole’s book inspires the finding and flowing of our own voice – boils, warts and all – with complete disregard for the confines of convention. This is surely the most important thing we can do as it brings us, ultimately, to the truth of who we are and of the world we live in. – Dermot McGuigan, green energy advocate

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The Imposters
A Memoir by Marta Szabo
Published 2013

The Imposters is a dynamic memoir, a rarity. Delicious, suspenseful and a great read. I looked forward to every chapter.
Alphie McCourt, A Long Stone’s Throw

Marta Szabo writes beautifully — with a sharp eye for detail and nuance of feeling…a remarkable voice in the world of literary memoir. – Melissa Coleman, This Life Is in Your Hands

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The Guru Looked Good
A Memoir by Marta Szabo
Published 2009

A gripping, fierce and elegantly written story, The Guru Looked Good is a must-read for anyone who has ever participated in a toxic relationship of any kind.
-Suzanne Bachner, writer/director, author of the Off-Broadway hit, Circle

Marta Szabo’s memoir hit me like a bolt of lightning – her writing is so direct, forthright, uncluttered. The impact is immediate, compelling – really a page turner.
-Daniel Shaw, psychoanalyst

For ordering and other information about Marta’s book The Guru Looked Good: click here


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