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Write Every Day 

Available during select months.

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“…not only challenging but enjoyable, revelatory, fascinating, deepening, multi-faceted, inspiring, and so incredibly helpful!”
– Val Vadeboncoeur

“I loved writing with Marta and 7 other writers on the September Sojourn. Marta created just enough structure and support to keep me connected with my love of writing. Without the Challenge my inertia would have been more difficult to overcome. I learned so much from the voices of the other writers and am coming into my own. I am eager for the next round.”
– Heidi Washburn

“Taking part in the September monthly writing Challenge was a fantastic experience, fun and rigorous at the same time! Showing up to the empty page every day for one month was transformative for me in developing a regular writing practice. As a result, I have more confidence in my writing than I did a month ago and have learned the value of discipline.”
– Susan Goldberg

How it works:

1. Each day of the month write something: at least 120 words, no more than 500. Give or take.

2. This daily writing must be fresh writing, spontaneous. Editing old writing does not count!

3.  It does not have to be a polished piece, just an outpouring from you, fresh and alive and true.

4. Send this writing to Marta within an email each day by 8pmET.

5. All writings will be published in order of receipt on a private blog, open only to participants.

6. Each piece will be published no later than noon the day after submission, but usually earlier.

7. If you submit a piece, and then notice a typo, you may send in the corrected version. However, it will be published only if the original is not already up on the blog.

8. If you miss the 8pm deadline, you will no longer be published on the blog for the remainder of the month.

9. The writing cannot be prepared “in advance.” It must be done each day between midnight and 8pmET.

10. No official feedback will be given, although comments on the blog itself may appear from fellow members of the group that month.

11. The group meets by Zoom three times during the month: at the start, mid-way, and at the closing.

Cost: $120.00

To Register

  1. Email Marta at to ask questions or confirm your participation.
  2. Payment is welcome by Venmo or personal check to: Authentic Writing, 108 Tinker St, Woodstock, NY  12498