See what it feels like to
Write Every Day 

Available during select months.

See schedule for the next Monthly Writing Challenge.

“…not only challenging but enjoyable, revelatory, fascinating, deepening, multi-faceted, inspiring, and so incredibly helpful!”
– Val Vadeboncoeur

“It is hard for me to write in a vacuum, but the community provided made it a truly satisfying, even inspirational, experience.”
– Polly Howells

“I began as a wannabe and came out a writer.”
– Beverly Takahashi

How it works:

1. Each day of the month write something: at least 120 words, no more than 500. Give or take.

2. You can write in any genre.

3. Send each day’s writing to Marta no later than 8pmET.

4. All submissions must be in Word or Pages, or copied into the body of an email.

5. Marta will publish each day’s writings, including her own, in order of receipt, on a dedicated blog by noon ET the following morning.

6. If you miss one day you will no longer be published on the blog!

7. You can be anonymous on the blog, or include your name with your writing.

8. No official feedback will be given, although comments on the blog itself may appear from fellow members of the group that month.

Cost: $120.00

To Register

  1. Email Marta at to ask questions or confirm your participation.
  2. Payment is welcome by Venmo or personal check to: Authentic Writing, 108 Tinker St, Woodstock, NY  12498